SonicWall TZ170

I am planning to upgrade Sonicwall tz170 with their inhanced OS and activate Gateway Security Suite which includes Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Content filtering and Content and Usage reporting.
Realisticaly, will the existing processor on the firewall be able to handle those tasks camfortably?
I don't want to end up in situation where, yes it is working, however; slow or unstable.

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I haven't run into any issues on a TZ180 running enhanced OS with deep packet inspections, but your results may vary.
Realistically, any filtering you do is going to slow down throughput. A lot depends on how many users, amount of data across the firewall and the depth of filtering. I have had good experience with SonicWall in general as well as the TZ series. Yes, it will slow down your throughput more than what you are running now but I don't think it will be by a huge amount. From the dealings I've had with Sonicwall directly, if it did, they would do about anything to keep you happy including great upgrade deals.
... and no, I'm not employed or affiliated with them in any way. </close commercial>
how many vpn clients will be connected? i don't thin you'll have too much trouble.
Andrei9Author Commented:
What is RAM and CPU difference between 170 and 180??

At least one VPN, might be 3 in the future.
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Here is a link to actual throughput for your model. Notice the only difference between the TZ-170 10 and the TZ-170 25 is the number of VPN tunnels.
I'll see if I can find the difference in the processors too.
The TZ-180 I'm running says it has a 2.0GHz Intel Processor on the system staus page.
The ram says 256MB RAM, 64MB Flash

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I'm hesitant to tell you that your tz170 will be sufficient running the gateway security suite.  Along with the VPN tunnels encrypting and decrypting, the security suite will be analyzing traffic for the advanced IPS features, gateway antivirus, anti-spam, etc.  On the other hand, I can't really tell you that it won't be sufficient.  Your best bet will be to check out the link that sodea63 posted above and the benchmarks provided.  You might want to contact SW and see if you can transfer the security suite license to a new appliance.  They have upgrade paths to new appliances so that might be something to look at.
huh? your accepted solution doesn't make any sense. if you wanted specs on a tz180, then you shbould have said so. can you explain why the solution you chose provides problem/resolution?
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