What are Advanced Terrestrial Wireless Technology

We are looking at an ISP that claims they have an Advanced Terrestrial (no satellite) Technology that will provide high symmetric speeds at low costs.  They claim it is line of site and can cover distances of up to 60 miles.  They claim it is not affected by weather (clouds, rain, etc.)

Does any one have any ideas if this is possible and what technology they might be using?

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Anything that conducts electricity is an antenna.  Or it effect the reception of radio waves.
CLouds have water in them,  The must be on mars not to have any effects felt by clouds. 
Even NASA is effected by clouds.  When the mention Satellite. Is it possible the are referring to one in orbit?  And not having such a dish.  A dish is one of the best aids for receiving RF.
They would almost be idiots not to have some sort of a dish.  Possibly a YAGI.  THe line of sight kind of answers the whole antenna.  THe would not use an omni directional for 60 mile.
They have some sort of a reflector or dish.


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I apologize I forgot to mention FLAT planar? Most likely it is what they are using.  The are the   flat square antenna of roof tops the look sort of diamond shape.
With a 10 watt amp at both ends the could do 60 miles line of site,

But the clouds and rain..  NO.  It will effect them. How much it just depends.  

While I doubt that clouds etc won't interfere there are wireless solutions with that kind of range.
There are others out there but here is some info about Intel's planned product.


stargazerm31Author Commented:
Thanks guys.  I appreciate the input.
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