What are the best "secure" email solutions where a hyperlink is emailed that when clicked on, redirects to a secure logon page that will then display the contents of this highly secure email?

What are the best "secure" email solutions where a hyperlink is emailed that when clicked on, redirects to a secure logon page that will then display the contents of this highly secure email?

Is there a way that I could have this hyperlink redirect back to a web server within my company?

I work for a group of medical providers who need this sort of ultra secure and private email communication with their patients in order to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality, data security, and HIPAA compliance.

Please provide me with a list of the names of products that provide this type of service.
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We use a product called Tumbleweed Secure Messenger.  It seems to work pretty good.

On of you users will send an email and append #secure in the subject line.  Email is routed from our exchange server to secure messenger.  When it sees the #secure in the subject line it will remove the #secure from the subject and place the message in a secure sql database. Then an email is sent with a link back to the message.  When the user clicks on the link they are prompted to create an account with there email address.  Once they login they  can retrieve the message.  

Note: Tumbleweed.com was bought by Axway.com


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Cisco bought Ironport, I'm sure they have something they could work out with a 3rd party application, and I'm sure it'd cost an arm and a leg, but never hurts to ask http://www.ironport.com/ Often government entities and other service providers can get additional discounts that other businesses don't typically.
Google has postini: http://www.google.com/postini/ http://static.googleusercontent.com/external_content/untrusted_dlcp/www.google.com/en/us/a/help/intl/en/security/pdf/message_security.pdf
Messagelabs (now owned by symantec) http://www.messagelabs.com/solutions/small_business/email_safeguard
ProofPoint has an offering: http://www.proofpoint.com/

We have looked at most if not all of these in the past, and decided the best way to do the same thing basically and save money was to host it ourselves. People login to our site via https, plus challenge (everytime) and they can get the message or data they are after. No 3rd parties to trust, no one to blame but ourselves. Email is a terrible way to exchange information really, and very insecure, these systems (ironport etc...) are just doing what we can do ourselves.
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