SQL server export to csv program

I am working on creating a utility to export data  based on a date range. I want to update a field in the table being exported as well. There will actually be 3 variables at time of execution. One can be a drop down selection of 7 possible values. This will determine the company ID for the records, the other 2 variables are beginning date and ending date. These dates should be included in the data. I need it to export a few specific fields if it meets the 3 selection criteria and then update a audit field to indicate it has been exported. this is a point of sale application that supports multiple "Locations" in the same data tables. Each entry in the transaction table has a location id.  The data will be exported to a specific location and file name based on the chosen "location" in a csv format.

I am looking for suggestions on what would be fairly easy for me to develop with a result that is easy for the end user to run from a remote workstation. It could be a web page I guess that is asp based. Just looking for ideas and any helpful tips/directions/etc. that I can use. The utility will be used regularly in our accounting department.  

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
> It could be a web page I guess that is asp based.
yes, that is possible. all you need is a bit of development time on your hands :)

in regards to the dates handling in the sql, this article shall help:

generate csv response in asp.net:
in classic asp, you remove mainly the "HttpContext.Current." part for the Response object calls...

apart from that, all you need is coding ...

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