Lytec 2005 Restore Help

A client of ours uses Lytec 2005 software, we recently upgraded two of their computers from Windows 2000 to WIndows 7 X64. I can install the software fine, and even have migrated the data from the Lytec folder on the root, to the new computers root.

My question is  how to I import the data and setup the practice how it was running on Windows 2000? Please help not complete familiar with this software.
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hi dotfoil

i am not someone who has ever worked with lytec 2005. wanted to understand what your requirement is.

did you try to have identical folder structure as that of windows 2000 and was the software turned off while you were migrating the data as ideally for any database files to work fine you should stop all services that are using that data source and copy that over to the new location.

What is the database software used for lytect 2005, you have mentioned that as btrieve which is now called Pervasive SQL.

have you tried to check the recommended method for backup and restore of data for the software


Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
Should be no import needed. After your core install, you should be able to copy the Lytec database files from their old location to the new one. Once you've copied the files, it should work.
DotFoilAuthor Commented:
Sorry it is Pervasive SQL, and I did copy the database file to the new location and it does not work. I have chosen to import practice and is looks for an .lpi file and know where the file it and see it in Windows explorer but the program does not see it.
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
"Datebase file"?  Pervasive databases are comprised of a number of individual files, one for each table.  Each application is different, but you should be able to find them easily be just starting the application, and then going to the Pervasive Monitor tool and selecting Microkernel/Active Files.  This will show you the files that are opened at that time.

Lytec may also use the SQL engine as well.  Again, the installer should set it up correctly, but you may wish to check the database configuration.  Depending on your exact version, you may need to use a different tool, but start by running the Pervasive  Control Center on the server and seeing what databases are showing up there.  If you need more specific instructions, post your specific version of Pervasive.  There's a white paper that will help you find the exact version here:

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DotFoilAuthor Commented:
sorry about the abandonment - looks like there is no way around paying for lytec upgrade - a value compared to other medical db software. thanks for your help!
I would contact   They helped my clients that run Lytec
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