Sonicwall Viewpoint 6.0 Internet/Bandwidth Usage

Im trying to build a report to discover how much of our T1 line (inbound and outbound) is being used for:

1. Total bandwidth per day - WAN to internal subnets, inbound + outbound
2. Total Bandwidth from 9AM - 5PM - WAN to internal subnets,  inbound + outbound

It appears that the bandwidth reports data that comes from Viewpoint includes activity between our internal networks.  I have created scheduled Bandwidth reports and have tried using the Configure Filters option:

Source Interface: WAN
Destination Interface: * (All)
Bidirectional is checked

I have run the report with bidirectional checked and unchecked and the reports come back with identical data.  The filter is being ignored.

I have also tried running the Internet Activity report, but again it includes internal traffic between internal subnets.  I have a web server and internal users and am trying to get a report to find out how much of our T1 is being used (inbound and outbound). How can I get the reports that will show for both 1 and 2 above?
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You can't readily determine bandwidth from Viewpoint. It's designed to measure usage in bytes, not throughput in bits per second, which is what you need for bandwidth. However, you can turn on SNMP in the TZ180 and then use the free version of either Intermapper ( or PRTG (, and set it up to monitor the SNMP traffic on the Sonicwall's interfaces. Both utilities provide beautiful graphs and all kinds of other nice features.

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SmeglorAuthor Commented:
I was able to get good information from the ViewPoint bandwidth report.  It does have the interface filters there and are working.  I did try the PRTG app and its looking good.  Thanks!
Thanks packetguy!!  I've just spent the past two hours installing the Freeware version of PRTG and learning it - it is AMAZING in what functionality it just added to our $2000+ Sonicwall which didn't do a great job of telling me outgoing BANDWIDTH (how hard is that - right?  I can do that with a Linksys router modified with dd-wrt firmware).

I had even installed the 'Viewpoint' software and trial which is currently taking up (wasting) 6GB of space from a file it allocated and isn't fully using. Any rate, thanks so much - I highly recommend PRTG to ANYONE who wants to view their bandwidth usage on their Sonicwall via SNMP - or any other router/switch that supports SNMPv2 (w-64 bit addressing).

Now try intermapper.
Hah! Wow - if Intermapper is anything like this I'd be blown away. Can't believe the quality and flexibility of PRTG with graphs, notifications, etc.  Just amazing.  You've got my interest peaked now - I'll have to try it soon.  I bet Intermapper doesn't have an iPhone app though.  :). Even though I'm checking stats via Safari on my iPhone, was looking forward to trying the native app (even if it is $12 - worth it if it allows me to quickly browse/check from my phone). I'll update - thanks again!
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