creating customized OEM EISA partition

hey guys,

I'm wondering if there is a way to create an partition similar to OEM partition which is hidden,maybe bootable and contains tools or recovery system image.
I googled a little bit but havent seen any useful info.
ghost is not really considered, because it is too out of date
any idea?
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I would think you would just use 3rd party software to create a backup image of your primary drive, either to a created partition on the same drive (sucks if hdd crashes tho), or on a backup drive.  Then you could restore the image if your primary disk, or OS fails.  Something like this: You can also hide the partion, or backup drive from view in explorer and my computer...  Let me know if that helps.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The feature you are looking for is called Backup Capsule.
Paragon Drive Backup 10 Pro or Hard Disk Manager 2010 Suite:
How it works: The product creates protected partition at the end of HDD which is called Backup Capsule. This partition is accessible only via the tool that did create it.
Since the you can save image of your system to this partition. Then enable "Make Capsule Bootable" option and get F1-12 (one of them) press suggestion each time you restart system. When you ignore this suggestion in 5-10 seconds the system will boot directly to Windows.
If you press the suggested key a Recovery environment will start that provides various tools for recovery and maintenance of the drive.
kelvinightAuthor Commented:
thanks for suggestion
i have tried Hard disk manager 2010, it is not bad, but kinda complicated for normal user
how do we simplify to make restore job done by a couple clicks or maybe automatic ?
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kelvinightAuthor Commented:
what i meant was when user press F5(assuming set up F5 key), it will automatically restore just like OEM image does. no extra selections or steps involved
Acronis isnt bad for this, but you still need the Acronic boot disc to restore the image from the hidden partition.  Here is some more info from experts-exchange that may help...

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kelvinightAuthor Commented:
acronis is good too, but somehow i feel it runs slower than paragon
i know there are lots of disk imaging s/w in market, but which one provide one-click restore in boot menu??
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Depends on what budget you have for this project. HDM2010 is a all in one tool that combines several products in it. Drive Backup 10 is a bit simpler.
If you are going to perform mass production of such configurations then System Recovery tool by Paragon could suit you. I know that it was used by several laptop vendors.
Or you can request kind of customization for your needs by Paragon. This task can be handled by script that runs after F5 pressing.
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