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Trying to output multiple HDMI video

I currently have a multimedia computer (running Win7) connected via HDMI to one of flat screen televisions. Now I have a second hdmi tv that is in another room about 30 feet from the same multimedia computer. I was hoping to also connect the second tv via hdmi to the same multemedia computer and then trying to see if I can output different items to different tv (so for example, tv #1 would be watching youtube while tv #2 would be watching streaming video from netflix.

Does anyone know of a video card that would allow such activity?
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1 Solution
For correct setup of displays you should:
> right click desktop
> Select Personalize
> Select Display Settings
> Click on desired secondary display
> Check box for 'Extend the desktop to this monitor'
> Select OK

Now you have an 'Extended Desktop' and can display whatever on whichever.

Download/install Ultramon multi-display  management software for ease of managing the two screens. http://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/

As far as sound output is concerned. If you want different devices to produce different sounds then you must provide each with it's own channel. This mean providing each device with it's own sound output device (or sound card). Otherwise you are asking something to do two things at once which it can't.

If you are attempting this through HDMI (aka through your video output device) then you are most likely working off one set of drivers even if you have multiple cards. This would still count as one device unless someone has come out with a driver set I'm not aware of.

Simplest solution, use the HDMI sound for the TV in the other room and use your sound card for the main TV located with the computer. You will need to adjust accordingly in Sound Settings.
bnrtechAuthor Commented:

Thanks for this info. Although the info your provided does not answer my original question you just brought up a couple of other things that I am struggling with.

Althought I was no very clear, my original question was about trying to find a single HDMI capable card that would allow me to connected two HDMI televisions to the same computer. However, given your response I think I need to rethink this plan.

So what if I have two seperate HDMI video cards installed in the same computer? That way I have both televisions hooked up via HDMI and they are connected to seperate HDMI cards inside the computer which I would guess would address the audio issues that you noted, correct?

If it helps any - I am trying to stick with HDMI only to each of the tvs so I minimize the wires that I run to each unit.

Sorry I missed the original question you were shooting for...

Well lets see, if you had two separate cards they would need to be different and use different drivers as a single run drive scenario would still show their output as a single device (as controlled by the driver). The question would now be can two different video cards (ATI & NVIDIA perhaps) using two different drivers be installed on the same machine? This I don't know for sure as I have never tried nor read about someone else trying this. My gut tells me it would not work.

I feel as though I should say this; if all you will be doing on the other TV is media. Have you considered simply building another system for that TV? You can do this rather inexpensively and it will surely solve all of your issues. Got spare parts?

I've offered you the only solution I have seen work for the sound in my first post. If you do decide to try the dual HDMI cards with different drivers, please do report back as this would be the only record of it tried that I know of.
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bnrtechAuthor Commented:

Interesting points. So here are my thoughts given what you noted...

- Ironically me (and a couple of my geek buddies) all concluded on what you noted. That being to have a seperate system for the other TV. The challenge there is...the wife :) I was trying to minimize the footprint of another computer (even a small computer) associated with the other TV. The less equipment involved translates to less headache that I have to here from her :) Plus (on a serious note) I was sort of challenging myself to see if I could get the one media computer servicing both TVs.

- Now you raise the bar and offer another good tidbit. If it is possible (which it sounds like none of us, including myself, are certain it will actually work) then I need to incorporate two different video cards (as you noted, maybe ATI & NVIDIA).

- I think I may take the challenge further and get another HDMI card from NewEgg and see what happens.
Well by ALL means please keep me posted if you do test the theory.

I understand the wife factor for sure. Lucky for me mine loves the fact we have a computer in every room of the house. Yes, even the bathrooms have touchscreen systems for reading or playing media while you there.

A new question for you. If you have one system controlling viewing on two TVs in separate room. (1) how would you be controlling from the remote TV and (2) who gets the controls? - say if someone wants to pause to head to the kitchen for snacks.
bnrtechAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay response. I just never got around to tinkering and don't know when I will have time.

I am giving SemperWiFi the points but a low grade because I found his info helpful although it did not answer my original question

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