DVD Writer not working in Windows 7 64 bits Home Premium


I just finished building a new gaming rig.  

ASUS Maximus III Gene motherboard
Core I5-750
Windows 7 64 bits.

Everything works fine but the DVD Writer.

I can see it in the bios, but I was unable to install from it.  Read on some forum it might be because it does not have the latest firmware.  I used an external DVD writer through USB to install Windows 7 on the machine.  But I was never ever able to boot from the DVD trying everything in the boot sequence.  I did hear the CD spin but after a few seconds it said that I needed to enter a booting media.

When I logged in Windows 7, it sees the drive, installed drivers, etc.  I was even able to upgrade firmware version from 1.01 to 1.03.  It's a ASUS DRW-24B1ST.

However, Windows never shows the driver letter D:\, it's keeping it for the DVD Writer.  It even shows the the device in the device manager.

On the motherboard there are also 2 SATA connector.  One is a JBMicron sata and there are also a pack of 5 Sata connection ( P55 I believe ).

I tried on both, dvd is recognized in both connector in the bios.

So what is your diagnosis experts?  What could I try?

Is it simply a bad drive?

Thanks a lot for the help!

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thompsonwirelessConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would definitely replace the drive to see if you can duplicate the problem.  I've never had to upgrade firmware on a CDROM drive as long as I've been in IT.

One thing to try is to go into Disk Manager to see if you only need to assign the DVD drive a letter.
_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What are the controllers set to in the BIOS?
If they are Not set to IDE (Compatibly) Mode, try setting the one that the hard drive is not on to IDE and try the DVD on there.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
some questions :
can you read a CD or DVD ?
can you boot from a CD ?
if it is YES on the CD  section - your drive 's DVD part died on you; and you need to replace it
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Francois_TremblayAuthor Commented:
I cannot read any DVD.  I updated the firmware.  Windows 7 sees the drive but it never sees any DVD inside it.  

It's like if i'm always putting blank media in it.

It does not work to boot, to install windows 7 nor to read any DVD inside the OS.

I guess it's bad.
answer ALL the questuions please...
Francois_TremblayAuthor Commented:
Disk is assigned a letter.  Firmware was upgraded, Windows 7 definetely sees the drive.  I can even right-click and eject the drive.

I don't have any IDE drive.  It's all SATA.  There is no option in the bios for these porte.

I have a jmicron sata port that can be ahci or ide compatible.  I tried both setting in the bios but nothing worked.

I also tested inverting the sata port between the HDD and DVD-RW since I knew the drive was working.  Drive was still working but DVD-RW was not better.

I did not try any CD, i only have DVDs.   Tested multiple good dvds and none of them worked on the drive.  It spins but it never sees them.
Please replace your DVD drive and duplicate the problem.  It appears to be the common denominator.
Francois_TremblayAuthor Commented:
Good answers.
Thank you much.   : )
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