Browser Form Validation Problem

Hi folks!

I am having a problem getting a mail form to validate in IE.  Please visit:

Please type only one letter in the "name" input or type an invalid e-mail address in the "e-mail" input and then move to the next input.  As you can see, the validation fires as it should.

NOW, please go to:

Please click on the mail icon and you will get a modal with the same mail form (contact.php) in an iframe.  

In FF and Chrome, the validation still fires as it should but not in IE.  In IE, it doesn't validate at all when in the modal/iframe.

I suspect that the problem lies in the little bit of javascript in contact.php that attaches an event listener to the window.  I'll bet that the IE DOM is different than the other browsers and hence not attaching the listener as it should but I can't seem to find the right approach.

I have posted a zip folder containing "test.htm", "contact.php", and all relevant CSS and JS files at this address:

Many thanks in advance!


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I'm using IE and the validation works fine with iframe/modal.
Bruce SmithSoftware Engineer IICommented:
Hey Matt, the test.htm page doesn't work correctly. The email button appears to load the home page in the pop-up, not the form. Check out the image attached - it's the screenshot of what I see.

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