Entourage not working, toolbar options grayed out...

My Entourage was working just fine and I was trying to clean out some emails etc.  Now my Toolbar is grayed out and I can't Reply, Forward etc.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that still didn't get rid of the problem.
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there "could" be the Entourage database corruption. you can try re-building database to see if it helps.
first, duplicate your identity folder (usually in your Documents | Microsoft User Data | Office 2008 Identities | Main Identity) in the Finder as a backup, then Option Click on Entourage in the Dock and choose to rebuild the database.

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or repair permissions using disk utility, or update your newly installed entourage because its not made to open databases created with future versions of entourage…

IMHO entourage is very buggy and everybody eventually gets a corrupt database and its a pain to get it back working, Mail is a much more stable program for e-mails and you'll love it, some things in entourage are unique to it if youre in an all PC environment, but mail works fine and does not fail.

give it a shot
phansen711Author Commented:
Thanks, I had done the Repair Disk Permissions.  I have used Mail but although it's a very small issue I like that Entourage automatically caps the fist letter in a sentence...Mail doesn't.
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