Add Domain Security Group to Local Administrators Group of Workstations

I tried to use PSEXEC to leverage a command to add a newly created security group from Active Directory to the local workstations local administrators group. no matter how I wrote the command, it did not work. Any suggestions? Is this not possible?

I kept getting error code 1 and error code 2

1st attempt
psexec @c:\computers.txt net localgroup Administrators "US\New Security Group" /add

2nd attempt
psexec @c:\computers.txt net localgroup Administrators /add  "US\New Security Group"

3rd attempt
psexec @c:\computers.txt net localgroup Administrators US\New Security Group /add

4th attempt
psexec @c:\computers.txt net localgroup Administrators /add US\New Security Group

nothing worked. I think it has to do with syntax or the fact that I have a space in the name of hte security group.

any help...
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Looks like there is something similar here where they used group policy to push this to the workstations on the domain join. Perhaps this can point you in the right direction.
thesurg3onAuthor Commented:
group policy would be great, but this is more of a unique situation and we need to target a subset of computers, rather than reorganize them and write a group policy.

surely there is a scripted way to do this.
I had a feeling you were gonna say that....

How about this:

Its a utility that is apart of the server software.
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You can give this a try;

Dim DomainName
Dim GroupAccount

Set net = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
local = net.ComputerName
DomainName = "your domain"
GroupAccount = "your group"
set group = GetObject("WinNT://"& local &"/Administrators")

on error resume next

group.Add "WinNT://"& DomainName &"/"& GroupAccount &""

sub CheckError
     if not err.number=0 then
          set ole = CreateObject("ole.err")
          MsgBox ole.oleError(err.Number), vbCritical
     end if
end sub

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thesurg3onAuthor Commented:
not sure if cusrmgr is available for server 2003. I am going to try this script that jrespo wrote.
thesurg3onAuthor Commented:
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