Active Directory Migration

We have an established Win2003 AD that we have no plans to upgrade at teh moment. We have been given a project where our company bought another company and we have to migrate them into our domain and decomission their ad.
Thing is that the "target" ad is windows 2008SP2, will any version of the ADMT tools allow me to migrte objects from a Windows 2008 AD to a Windows 2003AD.

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marcokrecicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to use the ADMT of windows server 2008 but first you have to prepare your 2003AD for AD2008 object (adprep /domainprep).
This is possible only if W2008 domain in not in 2008 native mode.
If w2008 domain is in native mode but the forest is not 2008 native mode you have to create a child domain w2003 in the forest, then adprep /domainprep, and then use admt and migrate users from 2008 domain to 2003 child domain
after this you are in the condition to migrate users from the 2 2003 AD (prepared for 2008).

If the 2008 forest is in native mode the only way is the upgrade of you domain/forest to ws2008.
any reason to not upgrade your domain 2003 to 2008?
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
to many unknowns we like the nice stable wind2003 ad at this point, we have a couple of other projects on at the mo as well so time is off the essence.

what you think can it be done?
AwinishConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are migrating from windows 2003 to windows 2008,if yes you have to use windows ADMT v3 but if you have windows 2008 member server in win2k3 domain you can install ADMT 3.1 on win2k8 server. 

ADMT v3.0 Guide

ADMT v3.1 Guide
kingcastleAuthor Commented:
i actually want to migrate from a windows 2008 DC to windows 2003 the domain funtional level is 2003
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