Webalizer detailed stats

Is it possible to configure Webalizer to show detailed stats for each individual page?

Such that I can see the referrer details on my individual pages, or at least the 'Top URLs'.

If not any other alternative solution?
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I know Google are falling in popularity of late now that they're beginning to heft their weight around, but I have to say that Google Analytics is an excellent way to see how people are using your site, how they're arriving at your site (including the keywords for which they searched) and how the data for each page has changed over the month, year, etc.

It does require adding Google's JavaScript block to the bottom of every one of your pages (so you likely won't learn anything about visitors who block JavaScript or cross-site requests), and it does mean giving the Big G even more data about yourself (and your visitors), so you may not like the idea. But the data it makes available is very interesting to me as a webmaster.
jay28leeAuthor Commented:
I'm not looking for a 3rd party solution, I would like to get the data out of the web server log file.

I know the data's in the log file, just that I need to configure it to group them together into a report.

But how?
I have configured Webalizer in the past, and while it offers plenty of options, I'm pretty sure it's an all-on-one-page kind of deal. I don't think you'll get the sort of detail you're hoping for from Webalizer.

AWStats also offers a lot of interesting stats, but not grouped by page. (Actually, looking at their on-site demo, I can't even find a list of top URLs.)

Hold on . . . looking at the demo for Open Web Analytics, it does look interesting. They've seemingly modelled it on Google Analytics, and you can see usage by page. Definitely go and see their demo:


However, it's MySQL based, so I'm guessing it takes some work to integrate into your site.

Bottom line, though: Webalizer probably cannot do what you are hoping for.
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jay28leeAuthor Commented:
Open Web Analytics stats looks interesting, but I'm more looking at a log analysis solution than placing additional code onto the page, which doesn't work if users have javascript disabled.

Webalizer is working fine for me now, just lack of certain tracking feature I need.  Is it possible to generate customized reports?
I don't think Webalizer can do much more than tweak how many items get listed in each table, and which domains count as search engines, etc.

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jay28leeAuthor Commented:
There's still no solution for my question.
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