Changes to event timeline does not change successor's timeline in Project 2007 Pro


I have a remote user who is having issues with event to successor timeline automatic update.  He is using Microsoft Project 2007 Professional on Windows XP SP3.  The project file has been working fine until several weeks ago when this problem suddently started to happen.

Here's the problem:

When he goes into the “duration” cell and changes the duration of an event from let’s say, 5 weeks to 10 weeks, the “finish” date changes, as it should.  So, that’s working.  The problem is that the other cells / ”successors” that are connected to this particular event do not automatically change.  However, when he goes into that other “successor” event and physically touch the calendar date, it then refreshes.  However, he has to do that for each and every event that’s connected not only to the original event that he changed the dates for, but for every other “successor” that’s connected in any way.

Does anybody have an idea on why this started happening all of sudden and how he can revert back to it automatically updating to all the successors?

Thank you.
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Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

sounds like the calculation is set to manual. To check this and set ti back to automatic:
- goto Tools..Options..Calculation
- Set the check mark for Calculatin mode to "Automatic"

If your user has changed any dates manually in the meantime (by typing in a date) he has caused some additional (possible) issue because Microsoft Project then adds a "Start not earlier than" constraint in the background. To get rid of this:
- select all tasks by clicking in the top left cell of the left spreadsheet area
- click on the "Task Information" icon in the toolbar or hit Shift + F2
- in the "Advanced" tab, select "As soon as possible" for the Constraint Type



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msstechAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the late response.  It look me couple of days to try and track down the remote user.  Yes, this resolved his issue.  Thanks again.
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