Deleted Items and Dumpster


I am running Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2007. I've been reading about the Recover Deleted Items feature and was hoping someone could confirm one thing.

Say a user deletes an item in their Outlook. This goes to their Deleted Items.

1. From here, the item is in the Deleted Items for a length of time determined by our Mailbox Management Policy - correct?

2. Let's say, after 7 days items are removed from Deleted Items. They are then moved to the Dumpster - correct? Also known to the user as 'Recover Deleted Items'. I see that apparently items are kept here for 30 days, but is this value set in Exchange/Outlook anywhere?

3. After this "30 days" is the item permanently deleted from the EDB file?

4. Does the Dumpster have to be enabled by a registry key on the client machine? I recall something about this?
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Glen KnightCommented:
Answer to number 1 > only if you have a mailbox policy configured it's not by defaukt

Answer to number 2 > this is set in Exchange System Manager under the properties of the mailstore

Answer to number 3 > they are removed from the EDB the only way to get them back is by a restore of the EDB

Answer to number 4 > the dumpster is set on the server but there are instances when a client registry key needs to be enabled and this is when something has been SHIFT deleted instead of emptied from the deleted items folder

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Glen KnightCommented:
Here is the link for the registry key:
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