Netgear FVS338 Firewall - How to Set up RDP for Multiple Public IP Addresses?

Hi all,

I have to configure a FVS338 to allow a few users to RDP to their computers in the office.  I've got it working so I can RDP into the Server, but not any of the workstations.

We have a pool of public IPs from our ISP.


mstsc /V:70.91.93.xx3  (works fine)
mstsc /V:70.91.93.xx4  (no joy)
mstsc /V:70.91.93.xx5  (no joy)
mstsc /V:70.91.93.xx6  (no joy)
mstsc /V:70.91.93.xx7  (no joy)

I don't want to set it up so each computer uses a  different rdp port number, 3389 only please.  I actually spent all morning trying that method and it didn't work.

Any ideas?
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kyleiorioAuthor Commented:
I'll also add, this was set up and working previously - however they had a power outage and it stopped working.  Then, making matters worse, they didn't have the UN and PW to log on to the firewall, so I had to reset it to factory defaults.
As you have multiple public IPs you can use different public IPs for incoming RDP traffic on TCP/3389 port; and not have the incoming traffic on different ports.
Please have a look at the article below:

Please implement and update.

Thank you.

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kyleiorioAuthor Commented:
Yeah found that write up and did it yesterday.  Still no joy.  All machine firewalls off, all set to allow RDP - what else would be preventing it from working?
kyleiorioAuthor Commented:
Amazing how it's usually the simple things we overlook.

With the power outages, all the DHCP leases were hosed, and all the workstations got new internal IPs.

Why on earth someone set it up without IP reservations or at least setting the nic cards on the workstations
to manual is beyond me.  

Everything is working fine now though.

Will award points to dpk_wal as he was the only one to respond.  =)   Thanks dpk!

kyleiorioAuthor Commented:
Partially correct.
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