My system tray icon has a 16x16 member, but Windows 7 isn't using it

I painstakingly built 7 resolutions of my application's icon, including one at 16x16. But it looks terrible in the Windows 7 system tray's 16x16 rendering. It looks like a badly-downres'ed version of a larger icon, not my 16x16 version. Both attached.

Under Vista it looks fine, apparently choosing to display the 22x22 version.

(I built the "combined" icon using Gif Movie Gear.)

Any ideas? Thanks very much,

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What about trying IcoFX? (

You can create your icon in a 256x256px area and then click a button on the toolbar which will generate a Windows icon.

The icon won't be a down res'd version, but a clear quality one.

I use the software when I create favicon's (like this one and other icons.
EricMohrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion and sorry to go AWOL. It appears my problem was with a particular computer and did not occur on other computers. The icon appears to be fine.

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