Clear Vuze Unwatched if not on harddrive

basically, im having to manually delete Unwatched items from Vuze if i have already moved those items from actual hard-drive.

can i make Vuze just remove the items that it cannot seed anymore because they do not exist on my harddrive any more?
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Darren SharplesConnect With a Mentor Systems SpecialistCommented:
Hi, Im sorry I cant see to figure it out, ive search the net and cant find anything.  

I would imagine a plugin or a filter formula might accomplish what you need or possibly it will become available in a newer version.

seems like something alot of people would want so im confused i cant find anyone else with this issue
Darren SharplesSystems SpecialistCommented:
in the left hand frame, right click on "unwatched" and select "mark all watched", i think after closing the program and restarting they should disappear
KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
thanks for that! the mark all watched action seems to get rid of all of the entries from Unwatched, however, regardless whether the actual files are on the hard-drive or not.

 doing this has made me specify my question better though, which is how to automatically remove items from Vuze Library that are not on hard-drive any more (remove from Library not just Unwatched)?
i.e. if i have deleted or moved the files of an item in the library, Vuze shows the item cannot be seeded under Status column (Error: Data Missing ...), but i would like to autoclean the library when the files do not exist on harddrive any mroe ....

KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
thanks! i posted the question to Vuze Forum as well to see if there is an existing solution

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