Dynamics CRM 4

I somehow lost the published crm reports on the report server, I am trying to re-run the publish reports but it seems to not do anything.  It will not run as publishreports.exe organization name, has an error.  It goes thru it when run as publishreports organization domainname\serviceaccount but doesnt acutally publish anything.  Is there maybe a hotfix or something for this?
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WilyGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say you lost them...
You go to the SRS URL that is in the Deployment Manager but instead you use the \Reports to see Report Manager.  No folders exist?  Or you see the folder but nothing under it?  They are hidden by design, so you have to Show the Details.

Next, are you using a command prompt to publish the reports?  Open CMD and change to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Tools ( I believe this is the default path).

You should know where the publishreports.exe is already based on your previous use.

When you run it, does it throw an error?

Also, you might try changing the SRS URL in the Deployment Manager and let IT republish the reports for you.  You can alter the web address for SRS by the port number or something simple.
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