Need a list of Powerspec Emergency Recovery CD versions for certain PC Model #s

I have inherited 4 Powerspec PCs.  I have all these recovery CDs but they are mixed up. I don't know which CD goes with which PC Model.   Can someone help me figure that out?  Thanks!

I have PowerSpec Model #s:


I have these 5 Recovery CDs:
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Personally, I would get a copy of XPHome OEM that has SP3 incorporated, use it for the XP installation along with the key on each box, download the latest drivers for each from  , and use a flash drive to copy the drivers for each so they could be installed.
The beauty of that is that you get to start at May 2008 and have the leanest possible setup.
Otherwise; you have two options.  Find the drivers section on each recovery disc and match something unique from the specs at the site above or, you can try emailing their support.
Nobody else on planet earth will have what you are looking for.  Sorry...
Have you tried contacting Powerspec Support with your question?

You can fill out an online form to contact them by email here:
aqtech1Author Commented:
Thank you both!    I did DavisMcCarn's suggestions and just loaded xphome from scratch, downloading the drivers as needed.     I also did souseran's suggestion and emailed support.     They responded with some good info, so maybe I won't trash the CDs.

8710    3.6B
8922    3.7C
8923    3.7C
8985    3.9D
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