After boot various programs, services, and control applets do not run

I have a user's computer that is causing me all kinds of grief. It is a Dell Latitude EA4300 running XP pro service pack 3.
The other day my user came to me an told me that his Outlook 2003 would not connect. I looked at the machine and saw that there were numerous Dr. Watson and dumprep processes that were hung in the background. There are no problems in the Event Viewer. I tried to open the Tools/E-mail Accounts of Outlook and nothing happened. Outlook had hung but did not error out. I noticed that in his network icon was not in his system tray, nor was his wireless network icon. I opened Control Panel and tried to open Network connections and it would not open but it would not error out either. I hard booted and it ran fine the rest of the day (again nothing appeared in the Event Viewer) but the same problem resurfaced that evening and again the next day. I turned off some of the Dell connection services and rebooted and got a blue screen (attached is the dump file). Safe mode worked fine, but normal boot gives me a blue screen.

what could be causing the network (and the various other programs, services, and control applets) to not run?

What can I do to correct it?
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B HCommented:
you're better off doing a repair install at this point, the network depends on a lot of things to start first, it's going to be hard to track it down

if you'd rather track it down, there's a program out there by microsoft (abandoned now) called BootVis... it'll tell you how many seconds -everything- individually took... just find out what's taking 2-3 minutes and we'll go from there

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it looks like an malware/spyware who normally do this to Pcs first of all download two free applications malwarebytes and spybot seacrh and destroy now put them into usb/pen drive if available scan this computer system drive which is C:\  in safe mode after removal process

Issue chkdsk /f to remove all filesystem errors

after that use an free system tuning software works great here!

reboot the system and after share output with us

and if any particular app creating problem for you you can always backup its data first and reinstall this app like outlook/


If Malware Bytes shows nothing, run the following two commands and then reboot.
netsh interface ip reset netsh.log
netsh winsock reset catalog
If that does not help, try
sfc /scannow
If still no good, download drivers for your network card and wireless card from Dell's site (or get the newest versions direct from the chipmaker's site - eg Intel).  Then uninstall the existing drivers for these and put the new ones on.
Also, enable dumping of Kernel Memory so we get a bigger dump file if it blue screens again.
kapatraickAuthor Commented:
I ran Malware bytes and found nothing.

I then ran the netsh commnads in safe mode and that did not seem to fix theproblem.

I finally just ran a repair install.
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