Cost of virtualizing 40 desktops with XenDesktop

Can you tell me what I would need to purchase to virtualize 40 desktops and offer 10 users XenApp. I need to know Citrix Licensing, Microsoft Licensing, approximate number of servers I will need. Can I run it on one really powerfull server with two 6 core processors? Or will I need more then that. There are alot of hidden costs in desktop virtualization I just wanted to know a big picture by someone who has done it. As far as apps lets say we are running Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, and one accounting app similar to Outlook in utilization. And also Internet Explorer.
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Take a look at the following:

XenDesktop Calculator -

Microsoft Licensing -

For user density, Project VRC -

These are complex topics that depend on your specific environment.  I recommend you use these online tools for a rough estimate, but work with your VAR/Account Managers to generate specific quotes and exact pricing.

Curious, but do you have a dollar figure of maintaining those 40 users on regular desktops (Soft Costs and Hard Costs).  Calulating all the variables for Xendesktop/XenApp is pretty difficult without a lenghty analysis.  

this is only 'thumb' rule OK? Citrix says that one XenServer (free) can handle 4-6 desktops per core. So you can basically run 40VM on one server. But this is than single point of failure so you should have another physical (Xen)Server. XenServer is free, but if you want some extra features, you have to purchase Enterprise license (cca 2000Eur per server).

XenDesktop is licensed per user or device. So I assume you will need 40 XenDesktop licenses. Now it depends of our environment what kind of licenses you need. Cheapest (least features) are 75USD and Platinum (all features) are 310USD.

If you will use XenApp (featured in XenDesktop) in your VMs you need to set up Microsoft Terminal server (or Remote Desktop as it is called in server 2008). For 10 users you need 10 TS CALs and also 10 Windows Server CAL. For 2008 Server licenses cost - TS 149USD per user and 1600 USD for 40 Server 2008R2 CAL. If you use 2003 server prices are bit lower. Also if you have enterprise agreement or some other, you can get some discount.

You can compare XenDesktop editions here -
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mavrukinAuthor Commented:
Maintaningin 40 desktops ~ $2000/month in consulting fees or $50/computer. Say nice desktop is $1000 (with Windows, Office, monitor and most small businesses will keep it for at least 5 years. So extra warranty from Dell is $200. $1200/computer for five years. =$20/computer/month.
So for one year $24000 labor + $9600 = 33600/year. x 5 = 168000

From my understanding in Citrix environment usually 80% of computers are virtualized.But lets say all of them are virtualized and we are susing dumb terminals. How dows that compare? Dumb Terminals are much less.
But then I need 2 servers (1 CPU and 8 cores), SAN and hopefully I can get away from buying Citrix Enterprise licesne.
As for Terminal Server, they have one now. So thats kinda the same. Except still thats an extra server to maintain.
There are also some other aspect you did not cover. The most important (and  soooo  many times forgotten) factor - business continuity. If hardware on desktop fails, than it takes some time and money to fix that problem and to prepare another desktop. Also if you prepare Citrix environment to the last detail (user profiles, permissions, etc.) you really do not have ANY help desk cals regarding user problems, except maybe in first days of implementing Citrix.

Thin Client are a bit cheaper than ordinary PCs as you do not need any local resources, but it must have support for XenDesktop (do not forget that when purchasing). And still you need monitor ;). I assume you already have licenses for your client Windows machines, but just for your info -  Microsoft has special licensing for virtual machines

Also you need to have Enterprise version of MS Office to install on TS.

SAN could be omitted if you do not need redundancy. So you can have XenDesktop infrastructure on on XenServer and XenApp server on other XenServer. Depends on your company's needs. You can do clustering with free version of XenServer. You can do migration of VMs, but not LIVE migration (difference is that in live migration you can migrate VM and user will not notice anything as VM is online all the time. Migration that is included in free version shuts down machine on one server and it boots it up on another one).

If you need consulting or have some other questions on implementation, ask freely

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mavrukinAuthor Commented:
We image all standard desktops and have one extra just in case. So in case of desktop failure its really not a bid deal to replace and reimage the system. You are talking about 40 min. Yes, I need consulting help on that. In this case I need an approximate total figure on what it would take to build that environment.
mavrukinAuthor Commented:
Zoubi77, how do I contact so I can ask you specific questions.
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