Ms-access 2003 to MS2007

I have design file ms access in 2003 and i try to run run in ms access 2007 it did not work why?
I need some tell reason?is there big chnage ?

betwwen 2003 and 2007
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lee555J5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you convert your db to Access 2007 so its extension is .accdb, only people running Access 2007 can open/use it. People still at 2003 or before CANNOT open it.
If you leave the db as a 2003 db so its extension is .mdb, people running 2003 or 2007 can open/use it.
There could be many reasons.
One thing that got me:
I was using ADODB stuff in 2003, but the ADODB library 'Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects x.x Library' is NOT checked by default in 2007 in the VBA IDE under Tools | References.... Once I added the reference (2.8, actually), everything in my code that needed that reference worked correctly.
This is just an example--it could be many things. Can you provide more information--where it fails, how it fails, error messages, etc.?
miziriAuthor Commented:
Hi Lee555J5:
many thx for you,
I have made page onclick in that page the form load,so when I click on it nothing happen as it no code or event inside that page,

ur advise
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Helen FeddemaCommented:
Security may be set too high for macros (VBA code) to run.  Check your Macro Security settings as follows:
Office button, Access Options button, Trust Center in left pane, Trust Center Settings button, Macro Settings.  
Change to a lower setting if necessary, then restart Access.
Helen FeddemaCommented:
I am attaching a document with some items that typically need updating when upgrading to a higher version of Access (especially one that was originally created years ago).
miziriAuthor Commented:
Hi Helen,
  It means is i want share databse betwwen many user with differnt version like 2003,and 2007 it will not work,
i have to upgrade my databse all to same version

is that correct!
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