Switching users under Wndows 7 starter

I recently bought a Dell netbook with windows 7 starter. I have set up multiple users, and I would like to be able to log off of one user and login as another without dropping my sprint 3g connection. Even just being able to switch between users would be OK, but I haven't seen this option in Windows 7 starter.
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TribusConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Sounds like you are limited by Windows 7 Starter.  At this point I suggest doing a "Windows Anytime Upgrade" to Windows 7 Professional.  It is the only version of 7 that fully supports the "Switch User" options.  You are not going to get what you need out of the starter edition.

Here is a link to help you out: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/61307-switch-user-shortcut-create.html
On the Start button near the Shutdown/Standby button there is an arrow.  Click the arrow and you should see a "switch user" selection.  Also, the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu in Windows 7 has a switch user button.

Hope this answers your question.
Click the start button and on the lower right next to the Shut down button will be an arrow. Highlight over the arrow and then a menu should pop up. On the top of the menu will be Switch user. Or you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then switch users from the menu right there.
espod17Author Commented:
I don't have Windows 7, I have Windows 7 Starter. The options listed when you select the arrow next to shutdown are: Logoff, Lock, Restart, Sleep & Hibernate. Perhaps there is some setting where switch user can be enabled? I wouldn't mind logging off, except that I lose my 3g connection.
Oh yeah, Ultimate and Enterprise editions also support the feature.
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