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How to use date variables in SELECT Statement within SQLPLUS?

How to use date variables in SELECT Statement within SQLPLUS?
I need to pass to a SQL query some dates obtained from a previous select query.

I have this code:
sqlplus -s /nolog > /dev/null 2>&1 <<EOF
connect myusername/mypassword

set echo off
set feedback off
set linesize 500
set pagesize 0
set sqlprompt ''
set term off
set verify off
set trimspool on

column dcolmin new_value begdate noprint
column dcolmax new_value enddate noprint

select mindate dcolmin, maxdate dcolmax from mytable;

spool /mydirectory/myfile.csv

select <my code> from mytable_1 a
where a.check_date between &begdate. and &enddate.
This error is written to the output file:
and a.check_date between 26-FEB-10 and 19-MAR-10
ERROR at line 21:
ORA-00904: "MAR": invalid identifier
(Please note that the dates are correct.  Please also note that if the dates
for the check_date are hardcoded, the query works OK:

and a.check_date between '26-FEB-2010' and '19-MAR-2010' - WORKS FINE!

What is a right way to use date variables in SELECT Statement within SQLPLUS?

Thank you!
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1 Solution
Check the NLS_DATE_FORMAT parameter
To make sure of the format always use TO_DATE like this...

pavelmedAuthor Commented:
I was able to resolve it by first using to_char() to reformat "mindate" and "maxdate" to DD-MM-YYYY,
and then in the second select statement using to_date() to reformat the values back to the date format.
I am assigning points to sandeshi since his suggestion is close to what I was doing.
Thank you!
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Hi pavelmed,
I'm glad that my answer came close to what you've finally implemented. Just as a gentle reminder, as stated by you above probably you've forgotten to assign the points and close this question.
pavelmedAuthor Commented:
Sorry Sandesh,

I did forgot to assign points.  Doing this now.
Hey! Thanks.

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