Performance Monitor Help

I have a Windows 2003 R2 Standard DC server having a performance issue
not to familar with perfomance monitor

I need to be able to monitor a couple of services explorer wsus dtexec svchost

How can I monitor these services and get a report to see how much resource they are taking during a specific time frame

Once I find which service is using the cpu then I can trouble shoot that service


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Process monitor from Microsoft can help you with that:

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Michael OrtegaSales & Systems EngineerCommented:
Not really how PerfMon works. PerfMon looks at specific resources and counters on your system. If you're saying that WSUS, DTEXEC, and SVCHOST (this is a common process name for several services by the way) are taking up too much physical memory or processor then you need to look at the memory and processor related monitors. What exactly is the problem? What performance related symptoms do you have?

InserachofAuthor Commented:

well recently I noticed a very sluggish responce when I opened My computer or when I clickked on the start button. So I started process explorer from system internals and found that exploere was using up most of the cpu. For example if I want to look at a folder on a network drive or on the local c drive of the server I would open my computer then double click on the folder when doing that the cpu goes up to 100% and explorer is the one

I mentioned DTEXEC WSUS and SVCHOST becasue I been watching it so much I saw those also using up the cpu but they are not always running or being used .
Another example is if I open an email with outlook the cpu goes to 100% but again it is explorer doing it

at this moment I have NTBACKUP running and it is doing just fine sometimes it spikes but I think that is normal

But If I try to open my computer it goes to 100%


I have downloaded the systeminternal suite a while ago and I have been plowing thru the tools thanks for the hint I will look into that one to see what I can do
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Michael OrtegaSales & Systems EngineerCommented:
You're system fully patched? It's not unreasonable for the CPU to spike to 100%, but it most certainly should stay there. Performance Monitoring is just going to confirm what you already know, which is that there a high CPU load on the system. Have you scanned your system for any bugs?

This system is your DC and WSUS server. What other roles that is play? What's your hardware config?

InserachofAuthor Commented:
Yes WSUS keeps my computer current as can be

I run a scan weekly no issue that I can see

Machine is A Dell 2.3GH AMD Sempron LE-1300
4GB Memory

This is a DC WSUS SQL 2005 DNS WINS Kaspersky Anti Virus for Server

I know the cpu can go up to 100 that is not the issue here

I should not go to 100 simply browsing my folders via explorer my other server does not have this issue and it runs a few more services than this one

So how to we trouble shoout a explorer high cpu issue Is the question now
Michael OrtegaSales & Systems EngineerCommented:
You get a full clean antivirus scan?

InserachofAuthor Commented:

yes I just checked again and all my computers run a full scan weekly and no detected errors

Also on this server in question I ran another full scan and no reports totaly clean

It is funny the symptoms seem like a process is running a muck like something attached to it

but I am not sure

Is there a secure program that I can run on the server?
would you think defender would be a good try?

I would only try some product that I know

Found too many hackers out there putting spyware malware programs on the net and fooling good people into thinking they will clean there computer when it does more harm than before.

I am very concerned about this so Please advise


InserachofAuthor Commented:
Perfmon told me it was explorer.exe that helped determin the problem

The problem was my antivirus program from Kaspersky they had an updated release which had fixes for performance issue

Kaspersky antivirus for Windows servers 6..0.4.1424

Now browsing my file folders are fast again
Michael OrtegaSales & Systems EngineerCommented:
Did you get your answer? It looks like you closed the question.

InserachofAuthor Commented:
yes i did thanks for asking

Found that Kaspersky anti virus program had some issues

Once I uninstalled Kaspersky my explorer.exe program ran with no issue

Installed updated Kaspersky anit Virus and everything is working fine now
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