Cannot start Click to Disc software on vaio

Hi, I have a vaio cs laptop. When i try to start Click to Disc software, an error comes up saying
"Cannot start Click to Disc because the related programs required to create a disc cannot be found.

VAIO Content Importer will start so that you may import media files from the device to the hard disk drive."

I am not able to figure out which programs are missing for disc creation. Please help.
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aditigajjarConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The error was because click to disc editor was not installed..the issue got resolved by installing it..
The sony support page has only the software update for it
You have not given your laptop model number so I cannot give a direct link. However if you visit then enter your model range & model number, you will be able to download & reinstall the missing software.
aditigajjarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the link. I'll check for the missing software. My model number is VGN-CS2AGH
aditigajjarAuthor Commented:
Sorry there is a typo in the model number..its VGN-CS3AGH
aditigajjarAuthor Commented:
I accept the solution
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