configuring virrtual machine

Dear Experts,
I'm working on windows 7 virtual machine, I need to increase the Ram associated with the XP mode, but when I ever click on the
 Settings¿ memory,  I found the textbox disabled and the  amount fixed to 512 M, I like to increase it to 1025, (my host OS has 4 GB) but I can't do it ?
Help please
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NetEngineerFoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you go:

Can not edit RAM size while VM is running.  Follow the tutorial there for shutting it down, but keeping the window open to make settings changes.
You can also just go to Start->Programs->Microsoft Virtual PC ->Virtual Machines, right click the VM and hit settings.  Edit the RAM settings.

(VM must be off)
Amanda77Author Commented:
thanks alot
very clear steps
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