soap response with large result set

hi All,
I have a requirement where we need to send a large result set response to an incoming soap message.  sending a date range as input soap message and the response has to be data within the date range.  the response has to be soap message and should contain all the data in the date range.  The number of records within the date range could be hundreds of thousands of records.  we are using java + j2ee.  I would like to use axis2 to do this but I am not sure if axis2 can handle this range of data.  I am worried we could get out of memory error.  Any code sample will help.  Also is Axis2 with soap the right technology to use.
Please advise.
Ashok Pappu
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pappuashokkumarAuthor Commented:
I need an answer to this question as soon as possible.  Thanks
pappuashokkumarAuthor Commented:
I am new here is any one even seeing this question.  Please let me know if no one is able to see this question.    If no one sees this question it is pretty clear that this question needs to be re posted.
Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Axis 2 is a good framework, if you are really worried about out of memory, then better send the response as a attached XML document or something it will like streaming a XML page.

How big are you expecting the size to be?

See if options like JAX-RS can help you.


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SOAP is more for messaging serialized objects not large blocks of data, although it could do that in theory.

On the server, write the large data to a CSV file on the server and send the URL to that file in the SOAP message.  The client receives the SOAP message and can then access the CSV data via FTP or HTTP which is a lot thinner than SOAP.

If the data has to be in XML use a SAX format rather than SOAP.
Hi Ashok, has this been helpful?
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