Does MS update timestamp for Daylight Savings Time?

I notice today that as the clocks have been put forward 1 hour something seems to have gone through my whole file system and added 1 hour to the timestamp on every file. Is this a MS brainchild? It means that all my backup folders now show as being different from the ones on my main machine. 100s of gigabytes of data to resynch. If it is a MS idea is there some way that I can stop this happening in future?

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j-horbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suspect your problem is related to the fact that the NTFS file system stores timestamps in UTC, and these are converted to local time by explorer using the CURRENT timezone settings. On the other hand, the FAT filesystem stores timestamps in local time, so Explorer makes no such adjustment. Are your 'backup folders' on a FAT drive/partition? Can you convert to NTFS to prevent the problem recurring?
wsprhinoAuthor Commented:

yes, my main computer HD is NTFs and the Iomega drive is Fat32. I took the default file system on the external Iomega drive. I suppose it could be reformatted though I am not sure how it would affect any drivers that it uses for access.
wsprhinoAuthor Commented:
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