ica client upgrade options

I have a very big citrix environment with more than 6000 client computers with ica web client verrsion 9.0 deployed. we are upgrading our farm from PS 4.0 to 5.0 and before the server upgrade we are upgrading the web interface server and the clients. my question is related to client upgrade. the options i could see is

1. configure the WI to automatically upgrade clients when clients connect
2. use the client upgrade configuration utility
3. user sccm to create a package and deploy

considering the large number of clients i am firstly worried about the bottleneck. secondly we want to do the installation in a phased manner in which locations are upgraded one after the other.  most of the client have ica web client 9.0 but some have program neighborhood and web client. so we tried deploying the ica client using sccm ( Upgrading) and the PN starting giving problems. wither it was not available or if available could not open the interface. we want a seemless phased upgrade of the ica client. uninstalling and reinstalling is also something we have considered but management is reluctant about it.

so experts could suggest a seemless and phased ica client upgrade methodology please
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Peronally, I would use SCCM/SMS.  I would create an uninstall script for the clients to remove any previous versions and make sure that uninstall removes the web client and/or the full client (program neighborhood/pnagent) and then after a reboot advertise the latest client you want to deploy.
So, again with SCCM I would run multiple advertisements to unisntall all the components of the citrix client and then after a reboot install the latest client.
mgmohiuddinAuthor Commented:
we work 24x7 and considering the number of clients almost 6000 scattered in different locations, it will not be possible for me to run one advertisemnt using sccm to uninstall and then a second one to install as the time in which ica client is not available is an issue. only option i have is upgrading. so what will be the best way
Carl WebsterCommented:
You mentioned "PN".  Do you use the Full Program Neighborhood client?  If so, that has been removed from client version 11.1 and higher.
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Why don't you create GP to force client upgrade? You propably have many domains or al least many OUs, so you can deploy clients to OUs one by one or all at once. Use script for uninstall / install with all parameters needed for automatic deployment and configuration.
mgmohiuddinAuthor Commented:
no we are using ICS web client 9.0. we want to upgrade it to xenapp web plugin. i created a custom msi file with all options hidden and deployed it using sccm on a few test computers and more than 50 % of the computers on which i deployed the ica clients got corrupted. so it is very scary. maybe he client was in use when sccm tried to deploy it. on some however if was successfull. 90% of the clients in our ebvironment are ICA web clients. however there are a few departments what have web client and also program neighborhood. i also found that when i deploy 11.0 on a computer that had both the clients i.e web and PN then PN does not work anymore.

Group policy is an option but i will appreciate if you know of a script that can uninstall the old client and install the new client. really appreciate it.

we prefer sccm as we want to do it in a phased manner in which we deploy it location by location as instructed by the management and our OU structure is not in line with this scenereo.

i cannot confirm that at the time sccm tries to deploy the new client ica clients are not in use as we work 24x7
Here's a little help on how to uninstall ANY ICA client with UNICA free software. On the site are also examples of scripts. Maybe you really have problems with process still running. Maybe you should use PSKILL to kill process.

If that is not what you want here's one script provided by Brenda Molin found on Citrix Forum -
On Error Resume Next

Set sho = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set nwo = CreateObject("WScript.Network")

FN = wscript.scriptfullname 'Grabs the full path and name of this script
LenFN = Len(FN) 'Gets the length of FN
N = wscript.scriptname 'Gets the only the name of this script
LenN = Len(N) 'Gets the length of N
DiffN = LenFN - LenN - 1 'Gets the differnce in length between FN and N
PathN = Mid(FN,1,DiffN) 'Takes the full name and removes DiffN characters


ret10 = sho.run(chr(34) & PathN & "\pskill.exe" & Chr(34) & "-t wfcrun32.exe",,true)

ret1=sho.Run("C:\WINNT\ISUNINST.EXE" & Chr(34) &"-fC:\PROGRA~1\Citrix\ICACLI~1\Uninst.isu" &Chr(34) & "-cC:\PROGRA~1\Citrix\ICACLI~1\uninstpn.dll" & Chr(34) & "-a",HIDE_WINDOW,true)
'Above - Uninstalls 6.30, 6.31,7.0,8.0
ret3=sho.Run("msiexec.exe /x" & Chr(34) & "{76E4A642-BC3E-438A-8450-0C15A36B5B18l}" & Chr(34) & " REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!-", HIDE_WINDOW, true)
'Above - Uninstall 8.1
ret4=sho.Run("msiexec.exe /x" & Chr(34) & "{4E21223F-8D6C-446E-9CD3-587D206A8400}" & Chr(34) & " REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!-", HIDE_WINDOW, true)
'Above - Uninstall 9.0
ret5=sho.Run("msiexec.exe /x" & Chr(34) & "{E92B7A19-5FD5-4AEE-9FEF-7AD5DD3A675E}" & Chr(34) & " REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!-", HIDE_WINDOW, true)
'Above - Uninstall 9.1
ret6=sho.Run("msiexec.exe /x" & Chr(34) & "{D989BCC0-757C-4FB6-893C-512DF4382656}" & Chr(34) & " REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!-", HIDE_WINDOW, true)
'Above - Uninstall 9.2
ret7=sho.Run("msiexec.exe /x" & Chr(34) & "{7A1FB67F-A340-472A-97C3-A6AFFE078AAE}" & Chr(34) & " REBOOT=ReallySuppress /qb!-", HIDE_WINDOW, true)
'Above - Uninstall 9.3


Run this script prior to installing new client.


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