enable scrolling in datasheet view

Access 2007. The datasheet view scrolling has stopped when i open the table with no form how do i enable this feature.
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Richard DanekeConnect With a Mentor TrainerCommented:
If the scroll bars are available, then access is offering scrolling.   If you mouse has stopped scrolling, inspect the mouse controls.  Some people reassign the scroll wheel.
There is no setting for scrollbars for table datasheets.
If you are not seeing them then either the database is corrupt or your Access installation is faulty.

Try importing everything into a new database and see if you get the scrollbars back.
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
THE SCROLL BARS ARE THERE, oops was working in caps sorry, the mouse scroll used to let me move through the rows in the table, now its stopped.
PeterBaileyUkAuthor Commented:
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