FTP timeout issue?

Assume our production server name  is server-I.   Through FTP ,6 files need to be sent from Server II to Server I.  
Currently the issue  is, after completion of the 3rd file, FTP session is getting closed with the following error message:
Connection reset by peer" and unable to send remaining 3 files.
To troubleshoot, in server-1 /etc/environment file, I changed the setting of TIMEOUT and TMOUT from 300 to 600, and then refreshed the INETD n/w demon. But, still the problem persists. However, Iam not able to verify, whether the system uses my latest TIMEOUT & TMOUT settings or not! How to verify?
What other possiblities need to be checked, to solve the above issue?

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TMOUT and TIMEOUT are used for terminal comms not ftp.

The AIX ftp client does not support the "idle" command referred to on some web pages but AIX ftpd does support "site idle" so if the server to which you are using ftpd is AIX then you can use "site idle 7200" to set the idle timeout to maximum.

Lastly why not send one file at a time? Also, ftp is insecure, why not use sftp?
rammaghentharAuthor Commented:
This is already available setup. How to setup site idle  from 7200 to maximum.
10:39 $ ftp xxxx.xxxxxx.xx.xxx.xxx
Connected to xxxx.xxxxxx.xx.xxx.xxx.
220 xxxx.xxxxxx.xx.xxx.xxx FTP server (Version 4.2 Wed Jun 3 15:43:49 CDT 2009) ready.
331 Password required for simon.
230-Last unsuccessful login: Tue Feb  9 11:44:35 GMT 2010 on /dev/pts/1 from xxxx.xxxxxx.xx.xxx.xxx
230-Last login: Sun Mar 28 16:43:06 GMT+01:00 2010 on ftp from xxxx.xxxxxx.xx.xxx.xxx
230 User xxxxx logged in.
ftp> site idle200 Current IDLE time limit is 900 seconds; max 7200
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ftp> site idle 7200
200 Maximum IDLE time set to 7200 seconds
ftp> site idle 9000
501 Maximum IDLE time must be between 30 and 7200 seconds
It is firewall in the middle resetting control connection of FTP
There is not much you can help - no keep-alive can be sent on control connection while transfer is ongoing.
Resuming FTP client (like aria or wget or curl or ncftp) or scp works around network breakage
rammaghentharAuthor Commented:
How to find where is the issue? which firewall is resetting this connection?
In weekend file transfer is working as expected.
But in only working days we are facing this issue.
sometime server-I is not  accepting FTP connections.
 TCP IP settings do I need to check on server end?

I need to Isolate the issue is whether network side,server side or opposite server side. could you people help on this please?
you need traffic dump on both ends - client and server (tcpdump -c 100000 -s 1600 -w dumpfile host other.ip) to have clear proof that firewall breaks the stuff.
rammaghentharAuthor Commented:
We had done traceroute from  Source server and find that  default route towards ftp server was missing. Now it is ok

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