ASA S2S Tunnel Error

We are replacing a Linksys RV042 VPN endpoint with an ASA 5505 Security Plus appliance.

Having problems establishing one of our site-to-site VPN tunnels (unfortunately I do not know what the other device is, and all I can do for now is replicate the settings that were present for this tunnel on the ASA).

This is what I'm receiving:

      AAA retrieved default group policy (M-Tunnel) for user = Endpoint_IP
      Group = Endpoint_IP, IP = Endpoint_IP, PHASE 1 COMPLETED
      Group = Endpoint_IP, IP = Endpoint_IP, All IPSec SA proposals found unacceptable!
      Group = Endpoint_IP, IP = Endpoint_IP, QM FSM error (P2 struct &0xd5144720, mess id 0xf4ae87c3)!
      Group = Endpoint_IP, IP = Endpoint_IP, Removing peer from correlator table failed, no match!
      Group = Endpoint_IP, Username = Endpoint_IP, IP = Endpoint_IP, Session disconnected. Session Type: IKE, Duration: 0h:00m:00s, Bytes xmt: 0, Bytes rcv: 0, Reason: Phase 2 Mismatch
      Group = Endpoint_IP, IP = Endpoint_IP, Automatic NAT Detection Status: Remote end is NOT behind a NAT device This end is NOT behind a NAT device

*Endpoint_IP = WAN IP of Remote Gateway

I'm almost thinking I'm connecting to some sort of PPTP device not capable of IPSEC or not configured for IPSEC (Windows server?).

Any ideas; I'll hopefully find out tomorrow what I'm connecting to, but I'd like to get this solved ASAP.
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TercestisiAuthor Commented:
What is strange was that the tunnel was up for some time (after we replaced the RV042 with the ASA, we confirmed the tunnel was up); when I checked back a few hours later, I noticed these events continually appearing in the syslog, and the tunnel not showing as up.
TercestisiAuthor Commented:
It is a PPTP tunnel and an ASA cannot be a PPTP server.

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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
All IPSec SA proposals found unacceptable!

This is your problem. You need to find out what SA proposal the other device accepts and set them up on your Asa.

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