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I am trying to cleanup my wsuscontent file. Using the WSUS 3.0 MMC, it shows 22013 updates total.  Following steps in other posts, I have declined the unneeded updates (20285), and ran the server cleanup wizard.  This ran for several hours, and upon completion, I still show 22013 updates and my wsuscontent file is still 18gig.  

Then following a white paper on purge/delete corrupted or un-needed patches, I ran wsusdebugtool purgeunneededfiles.  That helped a little.  The doc then says to run wsusutil deleteunneededrevisions.  I get an error when I try this saying that option is not valid with wsusutil.  I did run a wsusutil reset.

So - after all that, the wsuscontent file reduced to 15gig and the  MMC still shows the  20285 declined updates.  How do I get rid of those?

Also - I suspect most of those updates were downloaded when I was running WSUS 2.0 as parameters were set incorrectly.  I am now downloading only for products that I have.

Thank you
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Shreedhar EtteCommented:
lbitAuthor Commented:
Thank you, but I have already tried the steps indicated in the articles you referenced.  As I noted, the WSUSUtil deleteunneededrevisions command did not work (invalid command).  
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lbitAuthor Commented:
I re-ran the wsusutil movecontent command.  This time, I stopped the web page via IIS MMC first.  The move ran successfully and I now have the wsuscontent files in the new location.  But, it did not delete the old files off my C: drive.  Can I delete those?
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Yes you can safely delete those

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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
There is also a good explanation of your experience with "Declined updates" in the dialogue here:
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