Baby Monitor: Broken antenna and weak reception. (Photos)

Ever since I "fixed" the baby monitor, the unit unit gets poor reception.    The external plastic antenna has always been broken.  Since I opened the case, the image  has degraded.  You can see the video clearly but it continuously flickers with the occasional steady image.

Inside the unit is a coiled copper antenna which does not appear to make contact with the plastic antenna.  In addition, this copper doesn't even line up with the plastic one (might just be a case).  I tried to thread it through with the help of dental floss with no luck.

Did I mess up the antenna?  Is there just a loose connection in the unit?  Any suggestions?

P.S.: I have partially resolved my question (previous post attached as a text file).  The above question is what I'm still struggling with.
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
A plain coil, especially one wound that tightly makes a lousy antenna so I suspect there was something inside the broken plastic part which got lost.
900Mhz is what most of those things use and it's wavelength is 33.3333 CM.  Antennas should be some division of that and it seems suspicious to me that a wire 16.6666 CM (6.56 inches) seems just about right to thread through the coil and have it end in the stub.
So, I want you to get a 7 inch piece of romex, strip the wires out of the jacketing, take the white wire & tug on the shielding (plastic casing) so the copper recesses enough for us not to worry about a short circuit, trim it as close to 6.56 " as you can get it, then slip that down though the coil.
It still won't be technically right; but, that ought to improve the reception considerably.
Feel free to try it with the outer case off the unit. it looks like the coil should be rigid enough to hold it up.
Whatever you do, don't get near the neck of the picture tube, that big aluminum heatsink in the rear, or the high voltage lead to the picture tube.  If the thing is a black and white unit, BTW, that high voltage lead will still have juice which is stored in the picture tube weeks after you turn it off.
The other concern I have is that the Vertical Hold control is immediately below the broken antenna.  Did it get banged, too?  (It will wiggle if it did)
If you do need more help, please post the manufacturer and model, OK?

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