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I recently wiped my HDD to get rid of the 64-bit version of Vista that came with it and installed the 32-bit version of Windows 7.
The computer is an HP Pavilion dv9930us and it came pre-configured with webcam software. Now that I have wiped everything out, Windows 7 sees the webcam as a device but I don't have any software to turn it on, take a picture or capture video or use it any other way.
Is there software available that I can download for free I'm looking for something decent that will work with Win 7.

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RohitBagchiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello there,

You are in luck ;)

HP's support site has the software you need :

However your system does not officially support Windows 7, so at worst you MAY have to run the software in compatibility mode, but that doesn't seem likely.


I have heard that this free program will work:

Normally you could just take snapshots from the windows 7 devices area, but not all drivers for all webcams are packaged with 7.  You may have to rely on 3rd party programs like the one above, or the one that came with the camera.  There are so many 3rd party programs it shouldnt be too difficult to find one.
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