Migration checklist from windows server 2000 to server 2008

I need to migrate the, DHCP, DNS and files from a windows 2000 server  to a windows 2008 standard server.

Through EE and other resources, I have compiled a list of activities that need to occur.  I am looking for the following:

1.  Is the list below complete?
2.  Is the list below in the right order?
3.  Is anything missing or unnecessary?
4. About how long should this process take assuming no glitches?

The list of activities as I understand it is:

-Install windows 2008 server on new 32 bit server hardware.
-Join the server to the domain
-Give it a fixed IP
-run adprep /forestprep
-run adprep /domainprep
-promote server to domain controller with dcpromo
-Maike it a Global Catalog Server also
-Transfer the FSMO roles from the old to the new server.
-install DNS
-Install DHCP
-Run dcpromo on the old server to demote it.
-Install other applications as needed
-Move user files to new server

I have'nt done this before.  I am looking for confirmation that I haven't missed anything and that I am doing it in the right order.

Thank you
Jerry ThompsonAsked:
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Looks about right except you won't have to install DNS on 2008, it will be installed and configured as part of the dcpromo process.

Also do the dcpromo.move roles thing a day or so before or after migrating dhcp, I headache at a time is enough for anyone. I would be inclined to leave dhcp on the 2k box until AD/DNS is all hunky dorey.
The order I would change a little bit. Look at this link for more detailed procedure:

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Jerry ThompsonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your input gentlemen.

Davorin, I clicked your link above and you're right, that made things clearer.

I am hoping you can add a little more clarity.

Do I run forestprep and domainprep on the windows 2000 box only, windows 2008 only or both??

The directiosn indicate windows 2000 only.  and it makes no mention of the 2008.  

Is this correct?  to run only on windows 2000 server?
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Yes, you are right. You do that (only) on w2000 server, because you need to extend AD attributes with new W2008 AD attributes/values. It is needed olny to run that once, because you are extending AD, not the server itself. Even if you had 100 domain controllers you have to do that once.

Here is another link with a little more info:
It is 2003->2008. As you can notice in procedure first link says adprep->add member server->dcpromo.
The second says add member server->adprep->dcpromo
Both orders are OK, until you prepare AD before dcpromo w2008 server.
Jerry ThompsonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  I really appreciate the feedback.

I am scheduled to migrate the server on Friday of this week.  I will accept solution and close ticket when that is completed.

Jerry ThompsonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
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