Can't add HP Driver to Windows 2003 SP2 Server

Hello Experts,
I am having a issue added a Windows 7 x64 driver for my HP 4014n printer.  All HP has is Universal Print Drivers for this printer.  When I try to add the printer via add printer wizard I get all the way through the wizard it looks like it is copy over files but then errors out with the following error:
“Printer driver was not installed.  Operation could not be completed”  I have tried PCL5, PCL6 and PostScript and they all give me errors.
I have tried a different Windows 2003 server and I get the same error.  I also tried to add our HP 8050 printer and I get the same error message as I get with the 4014n.
I have also removed all the printers and cleared out all the print drivers, but still receive the same error.
Anyone have any idea what might be going on or how to correct the problem?

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Are these windows server 2003 32 or 64 bit. If they are 32 then this is the problem. You cannot directly update the 32 bit server with 64 bit drivers. However you can get this to work. What you need to do is connect a 64 bit machine( ie your windows 7 x64) to your 32 bit server and update additional drivers.  What you should do is make the drivers available to a share that is visible to both the client and server.  Make sure that you do have the 64 bit driver as the name for 32 and 64 bits are the same.

1. Logon onto WIn 7 x64 machine with account that has admin rights on 2003 print server. 2. Run printmanagement.msc, add the print server, go to Drivers/Add Driver.
  Good luck
eServAuthor Commented:
Hey sfossupport,

These are 32 bit servers that I installed the 4014n 32 bit print drivers on.  What I have done before is went in and added the drivers for 64 bit by right clicking the printer > clicking on the share tab > then clicking the Additional Drivers.

Will this not work with Windows 7 UPD's?


eServAuthor Commented:
Hey sfossupport,

I have figured this out with your last post. I was trying to install the UPD on an existing printer that was not using a UPD.  After you’re posted I download the Win7 x86 UPD installed and tested all worked fine.  I then went in and went to the Additional Drivers box and added in the x64 UPD's.  This seems to work for me I have tested via our test 2008 R2 server and all is fine.  I will test on my Win7 x64 machine on Monday.  Thank you very much!
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