Using PowerShell with AD Nested groups


I am running Active Roles Management Shell 1.2.2 in our AD 2003 environment.

We have a situation where we have some DL's that contain several other DL's (i.e. nested groups), which in turn contain other nested groups and so on. This makes it difficult to gather a list of who is exactly in the top level group.

I had some questions I was hoping someone could help me with:

i) Is there a cmdlet I can use against a group that will return ALL the members of this group, regardless of which nested sub-group they are a member of?

ii) Is there a cmdlet I can use against a group that will return ALL of the members and also tell me which nested sub-group (if any) they belong to?

iii) Is there a cmdlet I can use against a group which will return all of the nested groups, regardless of the tier of nesting? For instance if I have:

Group1, which has members Group1a and Group1b. Group1b itself contains groups Group1ba and Group1bb.

I would like all groups returned, not just Group1 and Group1b.

Hope this makes sense?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Hi kam_uk,

The key to your various questions is the "-indirect" option of the Get-QADGroupMember cmdlet.  This includes matches from groups that are nested within the group you specify.

Requirements i) and iii) are pretty simple (See examples A and B in attached code).  

Unfortunately requirement ii) is a bit more tricky, as Get-QADGroupMember cmdlet doesn't tell us which specific nested group caused a given account to be returned. It is necessary to use some custom code to determine the parent group (see example C in attached code).

Each example returns a variable containing the relevant objects ($users, $groups1, $users2).  You can pipe these variables into other commands as necessary, or customise the Format-Table commands to output the attributes you're interested in.

Hope this helps,

#Ensure Activeroles snap-in is loaded
add-pssnapin quest.activeroles.admanagement -ea SilentlyContinue

#Parent group for all commands below
$rootgroup = "Group1"

#Example A
Write-Host "Return all user accounts in a group, regardless of level of nesting:"
$users = get-qadgroupmember $rootgroup -indirect -type User
$users | Format-Table Name -auto 

#Example B
Write-Host "Return all group accounts in a group, regardless of level of nesting:"
$groups1 = get-qadgroupmember $rootgroup -indirect -type Group
$groups1 | Format-Table Name -auto

#Example C
Write-Host "Return all user accounts in a group (as above), and specify which nested groups they're a member of:"
$groups2 = get-qadgroupmember $rootgroup -indirect -type group
$users2 = get-qadgroupmember $rootgroup -indirect -type user

foreach ($user in $users2) {
    $parentgroups = @()
    $memberships = $user.MemberOf
    foreach ($membership in $memberships) {
        foreach ($othergroup in $groups2) {
            If ($membership -eq $othergroup.DN) {
                $parentgroups += $othergroup
$user | Add-Member -membertype "Noteproperty" -Name "ParentGroups" -Value $parentgroups
$users2 | Sort-Object ParentGroups | Format-Table Name, ParentGroups -auto

#If running script in a powershell console window, pause when finished
If (!($ -match "ISE")) {Write-Host "Press and key to continue...";$null = $Host.UI.RawUI.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyDown");Write-Host ""}

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