Cisco/Linksys RV082 Port Fordwarding on seperate subnets

Hey Experts,
I have a RV082 with 2 vlans. (192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x)
The RV082 main IP is with a second IP added of

Everything works perfect as far as internet devices on Vlan1(192.168.1.x) Can get on the internet perfectly and same for Vlan2.

The issue i have is when i go into PortForwarding there i cannot seem to forward any ports to the 192.168.2.x IPs?  Am i missing something or is this by design?  If it is by design what point with Vlans even have since they are useless.
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To my knowledge it is not possible to port forward to traffic to the other VLAN.  I think you're going to need to purchase another small router.  Create a static IP in the RV082 using the MAC address of the new router and plug th wan port of the router into a port of the RV082.  Open the port that you want to in the RV082 and direct it to the static IP of the router.  Then open the port you want forwarded on the router.

Not sure if anyone else has a better solution.

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luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
goto setup
                    Lan Settings - > add your second network

Now your VLANS can see each other.

goto setup advanced routing and enable RIPV2.
Also in this area you can create your static routes

But unless something has changed you can only forward from the primary router network to other
tsukrawAuthor Commented:
Yea that is what i have found is only routing to the primary network.  I have tossed the idea of cisco devices and switched out to a watchguard which allows me to do all that and more.
tsukrawAuthor Commented:
No solution available which is the solution i guess.
luc_roySystem AdminCommented:
it's great for basic use.  I use it in portable solutions but for a fixed site I use a full cisco router like a 26 or 38.
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