smarty plugin foreachgroup

Im trying to use the below plugin, but ive just recently started to get into smarty, and an not even sure if im using the plugin correctly.  I created a new file and pasted the below function smarty_block_foreachgroup($params, $content, $smarty, &$repeat) into it and saved inside my smarty plugin folder.

the problem is when I try to run inside my own template the results are not what I desire.  here is my remplate code.

{foreachgroup from=$privileges group_by='$privileges->cid'}
                  {foreach from=$current_group item=privilege}
The above foreach loop works fine, but the catergory headers do not display and no sorting is applied.  

Maybe im missing something, who knows, but ive included all i could find on this plugin below.  Thanks in advace, John

foreachgroup Plugin

Author: Dan Culley

Like XSLT 2.0's for-each-group tag, this block function sorts an array or iterator into groups and iterates over each group. The grouping key is available via the $current_grouping_key variable and the items in the group are available via the $current_group array. I have found this useful for doing things such as alphabetical breakdowns as well as creating table headers for city groups. Currently, php code must be used in the group_by attribute, as the function uses the php eval function to execute it; I would be happy to modify this to use Smarty code if someone would be kind enough to post an explanation of how the $smarty->_eval() function works, as I have been unsuccessful in trying to use it.

{foreachgroup from=$customers group_by='$customers->homeAddress->city'}
            <th colspan="3">{$current_grouping_key}</th>
      {foreach from=$current_group item=$customer}

Sample Ouput 2:

| Washington                 |
| Joe     | Current  |  $0.00|
| Mike    | Inactive | $20.00|
| New York                   |
| Polly   | Inactive |  $0.00|
| Molly   | Current  | $80.00|


function smarty_block_foreachgroup($params, $content, $smarty, &$repeat)
      static $grouparray = array();
      //Check required parameters
      if (!isset($params['from']))
            $smarty->trigger_error('foreachgroup: missing "from" parameter.');
      if (!isset($params['group_by']))
            $smarty->trigger_error('foreachgroup: missing "groupby" parameter');
      //If this is the first pass, sort into groups
      if (is_null($content))
            $from = &$params['from'];
            foreach ($from as $current)
                  $key = eval('return '.$params['group_by'].';');
                  if (!isset($grouparray[$key]))
                        $grouparray[$key] = array();
                  $grouparray[$key][] = $current;
      //For all other passes, get the next group
      //and set special variables.
      if (list($key, $item) = each($grouparray))
            $smarty->assign('current_grouping_key', $key);
            $smarty->assign('current_group', $item);
            $repeat = true;
      //If no more groups, stop the cycle.
            $repeat = false;
      if (!is_null($content))
            return $content;
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cone13coneAuthor Commented:
Ive found a solution on my own, there was a problem with the template plugins eval statement when evaluating an array of objects.

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