toshiba a60 cant install windows - BSOD

Hi Guys,

I am trying to install Windows XP on a Toshiba laptop but always get a Blue Screen (various different generic error codes).
I have tried two different RAM sticks (one brand new) and two known working hard drives but still the same.
I have tried holding f5 on setup and installing XP using the standard PC settings (that doesn't give you power options) but still get blue screened.
Tried various BIOS settings, seems to be "disable ACPI" is a common one, but dont have that option.
I have attempted to create a BIOS update disk using a utility and instructions from Toshiba  on another machine but get "failed detect chipset" .. assuming because its not on a Toshiba A60...
Tried using the Toshiba restore disk (that uses an image) but still no joy!
I have re-formatted (only ever gives me NTFS option) many times, used killdisk to completely wipe the HDD but still no joy!
I am tearing my hair out with this one so any ideas greatly appreciated.

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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Get the UBCD

Download links are the icons at the top of the page above Overview.  Browse the page and see what utils are there for you.  Check the memory and hard disk utils especially.

Make the CD and boot from it.  Run the memory tester first - memtest -  and let it do two to three passes through your memory.  Memory could be the problem so get that test done first.

Then test the hard disk with the correct manufacturer's util for your hard disk.  Do the long test.  That will most likely tell you if your disk is corrupt.

The fact that the BSOD is random and different do suggest bad memory or bad hard disk as prime candidates.

If they prove OK then try the CPU tests and see what they show.  I wouldn't run them more than 15 minutes and keep an eye on temperatures.
B HCommented:
what are some of the BSOD messages you get?

how hot is the bottom of the machine?  it will bsod if it thinks it's too hot

it doesnt appear that an a60 has sata drives, so that shouldnt be the problem - your drives have pins or are sata?
mozerukAuthor Commented:
drive is IDE, and is picked up by BIOS, cant see it being the drive as I have:
tried two different ones
they are picked up in BIOS
windows setup and killdisk copies files over to them fine.

Its when setup restarts and the setup continues from the HDD that things go belly up.

The machine is not overheating or warm in the slightest!

The latest BSOD is about a login procedure failure, others have been ACHP (i think) failure.

Will have to get the exact text - but they seem to be "random" and different everytime!

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B HCommented:
oh i see - it may be that the bootloader is looking for windows to be on a certain partition, which it's not on.

can you confirm that all the partitions have been deleted, and windows is installed on the one partition?  i mean, even whack the toshiba recovery partition that is to the left of the main partition.

a very small partition (like just a sliver, 8mb or so) is normal, that's ok, but i think your windows setup is trying to continue from for example partition 0, when the files are on partition 1
You can try this I would print it out if you can.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to check if the hardware is ok; donwload and run the laptop from this live Knoppix cd  :
if that runs ok, it means the hardware is fine; but after reading your post - i doubt it is ok.

you probably have bad hardware (motherboard )
mozerukAuthor Commented:
Turned out to be bad motherboard/CPU - hard drive & memory tested fine.

When dismantling laptop discovered that the  heat sink was dented (bit strange as the outer case was intact) so I am assuming that this has packed in and the CPU is giving in as a result.

Cheers for the pointers guys.
tx for the feedback !
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