SQL Server 2008 and Check Constraints - Performance Concerns?

I am tightening my DB down with check constraints.  I started with just limiting the values of Status columns to valid options but then started checking that all my integer columns were greater than or equal to zero (where they should be).  I now have a constraint for most columns.  

Have I gone too far?  Am I going to encounter performance concerns?  I love the idea of the DB not accepting values that don't make sense but don't want to needlessly slow the system down.
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chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're probably just fine...you're implementing business logic at the table level...which is fine.

You'll want to considering using lookup tables for the values and enforce referential integrity (foreign keys) instead of check constraints.
Trigger is programing code  and you have to  write rules by your self.
Ckeck Constraint is database  rules on field  value which must be in a table on which other table.field  make referenceh on it.
Both can slowdown performance.
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