(VS Newbie) Why am i getting .sdf instead of .mdf?

I am learning visual studio and C#

going through a tutorial it tells me to right click on the project name, then select add new item, then sql database.. and looking at what he is getting looks like a .mdf database, and under that "Database Diagrams", "views"  etc
but when i try to do the same i dont have those options (i think his example was using 2005 while i am using 2008)

When I right click on the project name, then select add new item, I am only getting the option of "Local database"
once i select that i am getting a .sdf , and no "database diagrams"
(and thus i have no idea how to add a foreign key etc or follow along with the tutorial)

Please help/advise.

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p1tter_pattterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're going about it wrong, in VS 2005 it was different, in VS 2008 its "Service-Based Databases" instead of using "Local Databases".

"Service-Based Databases"  will give you a .mdf and the db diagrams you wrote about.
SDE is the SQL compact edition which I guess you have installed with VS.

This tutorial may help you with this step -> http://arcanecode.com/2007/04/10/creating-a-sql-server-compact-edition-database-using-visual-studio-server-explorer/
lopbandAuthor Commented:
i am not interested in working with this, how do i go back to the old mdf format? because my whole tutorial uses the mdf databases :((
Ok, well you will have to create an Access database somewhere. Then goto view - server explorer, click connect to database. Then in the dialog that pops up click change datasource, select Access and point it to your Access mdb file.
lopbandAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys!
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