What's the easiest way to setup backup of windows 7 documents folder across network to a windows xp pc?

I have a Windows 7(Home Premium - 64bit) notebook setup on a peer-to-peer network of 3 Windows 7 pc's.These pc's are running Windows Xp Pro. One of the Winxp pc's is used as a "server" and is used to backup all the other pc's at end of day.How can i setup the Win7 laptop so the DOCUMENTS folder can be backed up?
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kaskhedikar_tusharConnect With a Mentor Commented:

One thing do,please make a proper network in between windows XP & windows 7.Share that folder where you save your all documents.Then Map drive on windows XP machine which use for backup server.Make new backup schedule for windows 7 PC's or you can take backup manually as you wish.


Tushar Kaskhedikar
robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
Sorry.Correction on the other 3 pc's! They are running Windows XP PRO.
It's even easier in Windows 7 than it was in XP.

Here's a guide.


Just be sure to setup a fileshare and/or mapped network drive on the Winows 7 machine first. This way you can select where to backup the Windows 7 files to.
robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both but "TUSHAR"s fix fell inline with my senario more.
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