Issues exporting InfoPath 2007 to PDF

We are having issues when using the Office 2007 "Export to PDF" function from InfoPath 2007. When viewing an InfoPath XML document from our Intranet site and choosing Print to PDF, we get an error "InfoPath encountered an error" and crashes.

If I save a copy to my local machine, then print to PDF, the formatting is all out of whack and spans across a number of pages.

If anyone could provide any help would be much appreciated!
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kineticexpertConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply - we have tried this but unfortunately no luck.

This is not so much of an issue anymore - we installed a PDF printer on the Terminal Server, and asked the user to re create the InfoPath forms.

Thanks again for your help.
I have done some tinkering with this and I was able to get some interesting behavior. Not sure if it is the same that you are seeing but here is what I have/did.
When the form is open in infopath, I select "Export To..." from the file menu and select "PDF or XPS" This presents me with a "Publish as PDFor XPS" dialog and I specify my file name etc.
My first attempt at doing this, the result as that the information appeared to but trimmed as though the content was too wide for the print margin settings. To resolve this, I opened the form template in design mode, from the View menu I selected "View Properties". On the "Page Setup" tab, I selected to use a 0.25 left/right margins. after making this change and exporting it again, it appeared as expected.
If this sounds like I am barking up the wrong tree, if you could send a sample of your output/PDF that would be very helpful. Sorry I don't have any info on the crashing portion. I would make sure that you are running the current version of Acrobat (assuming that this the print driver it is using)
Hope this helps.
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