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CLR20r3 error in VS2010 application - System.InvalidOperationException


I have googled this for a couple of days and not found an answer for my situation ... I'll explain the details:

1) My application works perfectly in development, my test scenario of 2 different SBS 2008 servers both fail on launch with the error "<application> has stopped working" ..

Problem Event Name:  CLR20r3
Problem Signature 1: <application>.exe
Problem Signature 2:
Problem Signature 09:  System.InvalidOperationException

2) The application is developed to be released in April, hence my use of Visual Studio 2010 RC  and originally the Dot Net 4 framework.  I will move to the released VS2010 / Dot Net 4 as soon as they are available (mid April I believe).
3) I had the application working under Dot Net 3.51, but updated to Dot Net 4 and it would not install on the target server
3) I reverted to dot Net 3.51 and the application started failing on SBS2008

I have tried running ProcMon (as per many people's suggestions) but cannot find a definitive "file not found", or error using this ... I notice that it does reference some Dot net 4.0 DLL's, but I think this is normal as there seemed to be a Windows Update on 24-Feb-2010 which included some Dot Net 4.0 pre-release functionality (KB956250 ?).

I am at a loss, so would appreciate some help!

More information:
The application is a WinForms application
The application uses Infragistics 2010.1 controls (around 6 dll's involved)
The application uses SQL Server 2008
The application has a single EXE plus single DLL with utilities type functions in it (my own).
My live, test & development environments are 64 bit.

Thanks,  if you can help ...

Gary Burgess
Software Developer
Burgess Business Systems Pty Ltd
1 Solution
G-BurgessAuthor Commented:
I fixed the issue .. it was the method of copying Infragistics DLL's that caused the issue.

In the project settings / Publish / Application Files, I had each of the Infragistics DLL's marked with Publish Status of "Include".  I noticed that the individual Infragistics DLL's did end up on target folder of the publish in the "Application Files" / <program><version> folder - but apparantly this is not enough.

I also needed to change the "Copy Local" under Project Settings / References for each Infragistics DLL to "True".  After doing this, the application worked without error.

Hopefully this clue will be of some use to someone.

It's a pity that the framework (if that's the guilty party) doesn't throw up an error like "Cannot find Infragistics2.Shared.dll" ... that would have saved me a couple of wasted days.


Gary Burgess
rostom chouacheCommented:
Thnank you

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