How to View Access Database online?

I have a customized Access 2007 database that I want to upload to our web host's server so that whoever I give a web address to can view and edit the database without having to download and re-upload it after making changes.  I'd like it to work the same way as if it were on a networked server in an office, where anyone who has access can view and edit it.  I can upload it to my web hosting company's server, but I don't know how to view it without downloading it or how to identify what the url of it would be.  How can I do this????
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When a person accesses the file for editing or updating, it will download to their temporary internet files directory.  When they commit their changes it will upload and replace the online file.

The problem immediately comes to mind that if multiple people work on the file simultaneously, someone's work is going to get overwritten by the work of someone else.

The only way to do this properly would be to use web forms for interaction with the database file, not to try to share the file online.  Obviously additional work beyond what may have been programmed into the Access file itself.



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JenaeRubinAuthor Commented:
I am aware of the problem if two people work on the same record.  I'm not concerned with this as it is unlikely.  What I want to know is if it is possible, and if so how, to put the database online to act "as if" it were on a network server.  Can you tell me if this is possible and if so how?
JenaeRubinAuthor Commented:
Will the chanes automatically be uploaded and replace the original file? If so, what is the process to upload Access to alllow this functionality?
JenaeRubinAuthor Commented:
I found a solution... we networked our computers and gave everyone access to the file.  Works like a charm!
JenaeRubinAuthor Commented:
solution did not address the question
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